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Congratulations to FIDE President on his birthday


World Chess Federation congratulates the FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich on his birthday!

The FIDE family wishes Mr. Dvorkovich on this day the best of health, happiness, energy, optimism and success!

Kazan inaugurates a new stage in women’s chess

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The race for the Women's World Championship title will take off in Kazan with a renewed Candidates Tournament, the strongest female event ever held, which features a record prize fund of 200.000 euros. From May 29th to June 19th, eight top Grandmasters will compete to become Ju Wenjun's challenger.

The following players have confirmed their participation:

ID Name   Fed. Title Rating B-Year  Qualification
Lagno, Kateryna alt RUS GM 2559 1989 KO World Ch. 2018 finalist
Muzychuk, Mariya alt UKR GM 2560 1992 KO World Ch. 2018 semi-finalist
Kosteniuk, Alexandra alt RUS GM 2545 1984 KO World Ch. 2018 semi-finalist
Muzychuk, Anna alt UKR GM 2555 1990 qualified by rating
Gunina, Valentina alt RUS GM 2515 1989 qualified by rating
Dzagnidze, Nana alt GEO GM 2513 1987 qualified by rating
Tan, Zhongyi alt CHN GM 2513 1991 qualified by rating
Goryachkina, Aleksandra alt RUS GM 2505 1998 1st replacement

Please see the  in the attached PDF.

Chess Legends Inducted into the US and World Chess Halls of Fame in Saint Louis


Annual ceremony for the induction to the World Chess Hall of Fame took place in St. Louis, USA in conjunction with the Opening ceremony of the 2019 U.S. Championship and U.S. Women's Championship.

This year FIDE's inductees are:

Grandmasters Akiba (Akiva) Rubinstein (1890 -1961), Mark Taimanov (1926 - 2016), and Xie Jun (1970 - ).

FIDE Vice President Michael Khodarkovsky conducted the induction on behalf of the FIDE Presidential Board. 

Grandmaster Maurice Ashley and Woman Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade followed the induction with remarks on the achievements of each of the inductees.

01Mark Taimanov’s World Chess Hall of Fame Induction, Michael Khodarkovsky Speaking
March 18, 2019
Photo by Crystal Fuller
Courtesy of the World Chess Hall of Fame

Mark Taimanov was ranked among the top 20 players in the world for over a quarter of a century and is one of the few players to have defeated six world chess champions (Botvinnik, Smyslov, Tal, Petrosian, Spassky, and Karpov). He played in 23 Soviet Chess Championships, a record equaled only by Efim Geller, tying for first in 1952 and 1956. Twice a candidate for the World Chess Championship (1953 and 1971), Taimanov was also a member of the gold medal-winning 1956 Soviet Olympiad team. A prolific and well-respected writer on the game, he was an excellent theoretician best known for the variation of the Sicilian which bears his name (1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nc6).

02Akiba Rubinstein’s World Chess Hall of Fame Induction, Maurice Ashley Speaking
March 18, 2019
Photo by Austin Fuller
Courtesy of the World Chess Hall of Fame

Akiba (or Akiva) Rubinstein, along with Paul Keres and Viktor Korchnoi, is considered one of the strongest players never to become world champion, despite learning the game at the late age of 16. Born in what is today eastern Poland, he was one of the four strongest players in the world from 1907 to 1922, and for a short time in 1912, might have been number one. That year Rubinstein won four major events (San Sebastian, Vilnius, Breslau, and Piestany) and a match for the World Chess Championship with Emanuel Lasker seemed inevitable, but fate and World War I decided otherwise. Rubinstein is still remembered today for his contributions to opening theory and rook and pawn endgames.

03Xie Jun’s World Chess Hall of Fame Induction, Michael Khodarkovsky Speaking
March 18, 2019
Photo by Crystal Fuller
Courtesy of the World Chess Hall of Fame

A trailblazer and national hero in China, Xie Jun was the first player from Asia to become women’s world chess champion (1991-1996 and 1999-2001), ending a 41-year Soviet stranglehold on the title. As a four-time women’s world chess champion, she is the very first player to win the individual title under both the classical system and the knock-out system. Xie Jun represented China in eight Women’s Chess Olympiads, winning seven team medals (three gold, one silver, and three bronze) and five individual medals (two silver and three bronze). She is the author of Chess Champion from China: The Life and Games of Xie Jun(1998), one of the first game collections on a female player.

“The 2019 World Chess Hall of Fame inductees exemplify the global impact and inclusivity chess has to offer, and we’re honored to include their contributions to the game’s rich history,” said FIDE Chief Operating Officer Willy Iclicki.

This year, the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame committee and the U.S. Chess Trust have selected Max Judd, Saint Louis resident, immigrant and top player at the turn of the 20th century; William Lombardy, Chess Olympiad gold medalist who was an instrumental collaborator in bringing four world championship titles to the United States; and Susan Polgar, Olympiad gold medalist, former women’s world chess champion and Webster University collegiate chess coach, for induction into the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame.

Inductees of both Halls of Fame are chosen for their impact on the sport and have included players, authors, journalists, scholars, organizers and supporters of the game. Each player will be commemorated at the World Chess Hall of Fame (WCHOF) in Saint Louis with a plaque bearing their image and biography.

04Michael Khodarkovsky, Vice President, FIDE Presidential Board
March 18, 2019
Photo by Lennart Oates
Courtesy of the World Chess Hall of Fame

World Chess Hall of Fame GM Maurice Ashley (Left) and Michael Khodarkovsky, Vice President, FIDE Presidential Board (Right)
March 18, 2019
Photo by Crystal Fuller
Courtesy of the World Chess Hall of Fame

Jennifer Shahade, WGM
March 18, 2019
Photo by Lennart Ootes
Courtesy of the World Chess Hall of Fame

Akiba Rubinstein, Mark Taimanov, and Xie Jun’s World Chess Hall of Fame Plaques
March 18, 2019
Photo by Austin Fuller
Courtesy of the World Chess Hall of Fame

WTCC in Astana Round 5

World Team Chess Championships 2019, held from March, 4 - 15 2019 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Open section and Women section board results.

Round 6 starts March, 11 2019 at 3 PM local time.

Please visit the official website  for LIVE GAMES.

Standings after Round 5. OPEN

Rnk. Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 MP Pts.
1 Russia *   2   3     3 9 13
2 India   * 2   2 2     7 13
3 England 2 2 * 2         7 11
4 United States of America     2 *   2   1 3 6 10½
5 Iran 2     *     3 5 11½
6 China 2   *       5 11
7 Kazakhstan 1   2     * 3 2   4
8 Sweden   ½     ½   1 * 3 4
9 Azerbaijan     3   ½ 2 1 *   3 8
10 Egypt 1 ½   1 1       * 0 5

Standings after Round 5. WOMEN

Rnk. Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 MP Pts.
1 China *         10 13½
2 Russia *       3   4 8 15½
3 Ukraine     * 2   2 2   3 4 7 13
4 Georgia   2 * 2     3   6 12
5 India   ½   2 *   2   4 6 11
6 United States of America     2 ½   * 3 3   5 10
7 Kazakhstan 1 2   2 *       4 9
8 Armenia ½     1   *   4 2
9 Hungary ½   1 1   1     * 2 6
10 Egypt   0 0   0     0 * 0


6.1 10 Sweden   - 8 United States of America  
1 GM Grandelius Nils 2694 : GM Swiercz Dariusz 2655
2 GM Blomqvist Erik 2488 : GM Onischuk Alexander 2647
3 GM Smith Axel 2487 : GM Lenderman Aleksandr 2637
4 IM Johansson Linus 2479 : GM Izoria Zviad 2603
6.2 9 Russia   - 7 Azerbaijan  
1 GM Karjakin Sergey 2753 : GM Naiditsch Arkadij 2710
2 GM Nepomniachtchi Ian 2771 : GM Mamedov Rauf 2701
3 GM Grischuk Alexander 2771 : GM Safarli Eltaj 2662
4 GM Artemiev Vladislav 2736 : GM Abasov Nijat 2627
6.3 1 India   - 6 Kazakhstan  
1 GM Adhiban B. 2683 : GM Jumabayev Rinat 2609
2 GM Sasikiran Krishnan 2678 : GM Ismagambetov Anuar 2545
3 GM Ganguly Surya Shekhar 2633 : GM Kazhgaleyev Murtas 2587
4 GM Sethuraman S.P. 2637 : IM Makhnev Denis 2476
6.4 2 Iran   - 5 England  
1 GM Maghsoodloo Parham 2673 : GM Adams Michael 2708
2 GM Idani Pouya 2604 : GM Mcshane Luke J 2661
3 GM Tabatabaei M.Amin 2600 : GM Howell David W L 2693
4 GM Firouzja Alireza 2657 : GM Speelman Jon S 2516
6.5 3 Egypt   - 4 China  
1 GM Amin Bassem 2709 : GM Ding Liren 2812
2 GM Adly Ahmed 2611 : GM Wei Yi 2733
3 IM Fawzy Adham 2461 : GM Bu Xiangzhi 2731
4 IM Abdelnabbi Imed 2435 : GM Ni Hua 2683


6.1 10 Egypt   - 8 Georgia  
1 WGM Wafa Shahenda 2175 : GM Khotenashvili Bela 2474
2 WIM Moaataz Ayah 2036 : IM Arabidize Meri 2392
3 WIM Elansary Eman 1944 : GM Batsiashvili Nino 2454
4 WIM Ehab Tasneem 1841 : IM Melia Salome 2385
6.2 9 Kazakhstan   - 7 Hungary  
1 IM Abdumalik Zhansaya 2469 : GM Hoang Thanh Trang 2454
2 IM Saduakassova Dinara 2462 : IM Gara Anita 2384
3 FM Assaubayeva Bibisara 2374 : WGM Gara Ticia 2324
4 IM Nakhbayeva Guliskhan 2295 : WIM Terbe Julianna 2306
6.3 1 Armenia   - 6 Ukraine  
1 GM Danielian Elina 2402 : GM Muzychuk Mariya 2560
2 IM Mkrtchian Lilit 2390 : GM Muzychuk Anna 2555
3 WFM Sargsyan Anna M. 2340 : IM Gaponenko Inna 2427
4 WIM Gevorgyan Maria 2264 : IM Buksa Nataliya 2416
6.4 2 Russia   - 5 United States of America  
1 GM Lagno Kateryna 2559 : WGM Abrahamyan Tatev 2377
2 GM Gunina Valentina 2515 : WGM Nemcova Katerina 2315
3 GM Goryachkina Aleksandra 2504 : FM Yip Carissa 2279
4 WGM Girya Olga 2456 : WCM Wu Rochelle 2120
6.5 3 India   - 4 China  
1 IM Karavade Eesha 2357 : GM Tan Zhongyi 2513
2 WGM Soumya Swaminathan 2401 : IM Shen Yang 2453
3 IM Padmini Rout 2332 : WGM Huang Qian 2441
4 WGM Kulkarni Bhakti 2322 : GM Lei Tingjie 2477

FIDE President visits the 6th European Small Nations Team Championship

imageedit 3 2114335898

The 6th European Small Nations Team Championship is taking place at the Grand Hotel in the Republic of San Marino from March 23 to 31.

FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich visited the tournament and played the first symbolic move on the top board to start the biggest ever chess event, organized in San Marino. It was the first ever visit of FIDE President to San Marino.


During his visit Arkady Dvorkovich had meetings with President of the Olympic Committee Primo Giardi and the President of San Marino Chess Federation Ivan Tabarini.


Arkady Dvorkovich and Ivan Tabarini played a couple of blitz games which finished peacefully.

FIDE President also met with the representatives of ESNA to discuss National chess development.


The future of ESNA competition was the topic of the meeting with the ESNA President Paris Klerides, President of Faroe Islands Chess Federation Finnbjorn Vang and COO Willy Iclicki.




10 teams (Andorra, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco and San Marino) are taking part in the championship. The next ESNA tournament will be organized in Liechtenstein in 2021 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Liechtenstein Chess Federation.

The 6th European Small Nations Team Championship is organized by San Marino Chess Federation under auspices of ECU and FIDE.

Official website: 


Beslan Memorial in San Marino

FIDE Medical Comm. Chairman Dr. Marape attended 2019 WADA's Annual Symposium

IMG 20190314 170553 top

Dr Marape Marape, the Chairman of the FIDE Medical Commission, attended the in Lausanne, Switzerland from 13th to 14th March, 2019. The Symposium brought together close to 900 delegates from the global anti-doping community, representing all the sporting codes and federations for 2 days of presentations, interviews, panel discussions, practical workshops and networking sessions. The symposium focused on the New World Antidoping Code and its associated International Standards Review. Dr Marape also had meetings with WADA representatives where he reiterated FIDE's commitment to continuing to work closely with WADA to ensure that Chess remains free of doping and to continuing FIDE's compliance with all WADA requirements.

IMG 20190314 170553

List of Q1 2019 Presidential Board Decisions

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Q1PB-2019/01 To approve the principle of reduction of FIDE fees.

Q1PB-2019/02 To approve the signing of the Liability Insurance contract for PB members.

Q1PB-2019/03 To approve Baku as the possible organizer of the next Presidential Board.

Q1PB-2019/04 To approve the recommendation for the organization for an Extraordinary GA in October 2019.

Q1PB-2019/05 To approve a representative of each continent to join the Task Force on the Reform of the FIDE Statutes and FIDE Handbook.

Q1PB-2019/06 To approve QC to deal with the transfers of players and to review transfer of players regulations.

Q1PB-2019/07 To approve that FIDE keeps using Swiss Accounting Standard as recommended by E&Y and order the management to disclose more information related to the management activities.

Q1PB-2019/08 To approve a panel to deal with the financial support to Seniors players and former FIDE Officers. The panel will include Jan Rooze (BEL), Emil Sutovsky (ISR), Mikhail Krasenkow (POL), Willy Iclicki (LIE), Anastasia Sorokina (BLR) and Tahar Batikh (TUN).

Q1PB-2019/09 To acknowledge the FIDE President’s decision to finance training and seminars for arbiters, especially for those from Asia and Africa, as well as for female arbiters, from the general Development fund.

Q1PB-2019/10 To approve the application of St. Lucia Chess Federation and Guinea Equatorial Chess Federation and to grant them the statute of provisional members of FIDE.

Q1PB-2019/11 To acknowledge the FIDE President’s decision to create a centralized IT infrastructure within FIDE and to develop a “one-window” system of funding for online activities.

Q1PB-2019/12 To acknowledge the FIDE President’s decision to create a procurement department and to make the Secretary of the Management Board Vadim Tsypin (CAN) responsible for procurement issues within FIDE.

Q1PB-2019/13 To approve the members of the Fair Play Commission.

Q1PB-2019/14 To agree that Arbiter's Commission will set up the criteria and will provide a list of arbiters from which the appointments are to be made. However, the decision about the appointment for the events are to be made by GSC.

Q1PB-2019/15 To approve the selection of arbiters for the FIDE World Championship event by the Arbiters’ Commission based on the Commission’s guidelines based on chess knowledge, geographical location, gender and age and representation of all Continents.

Q1PB-2019/16 To approve the signing of the Continental Development Project Contract with the four continents.

Q1PB-2019/17 To approve the regulations for the 2020 World Chess Championship Candidate Tournament. Also to set a recommended prize fund of 2 Mln Euro for the Title Match.

Q1PB-2019/18 To approve GSC proposal to ban draws by mutual agreement before move 40 in Candidates and World Championship Matches starting 2020.

Q1PB-2019/19 To approve GSC proposal in regards to the tie-break criteria for the Swiss-system events of the World Championship Cycle.

Q1PB-2019/20 To confirm that Spain keeps the right to organize the 2019 World Blitz and Rapid Youth Championship.

Q1PB-2019/21 To grant an organizing committee led by John Lluton the right to hold the 2019 World Inclusive Cadet and Youth Chess Championship as a pilot project in Cardiff, Wales.

Q1PB-2019/22 To ask the DIS commission Chairman and Secretary to join the Cardiff organizing committee and to provide necessary guidance so that the 2019 World Inclusive Championship could be expanded to a larger event that would include adults.

Q1PB-2019/23 To ask FIDE VP Akaki Iashvili and the DIS Commission to prepare regulations for the World Inclusive Junior and Adult Chess Championship.

Q1PB-2019/24 To approve the titles proposed by the QC, ARB, TRG and EVE commissions.

Q1PB-2019/25 To confirm the new Addendum to the Agreement with World Chess., approved by absentee voting in January 2019.

Q1PB-2019/26 To approve the concept of the yearly FIDE Awards to be presented during a FIDE Gala.

Q1PB-2019/27 To approve the composition of a permanent panel that would determine the exact categories, format and dates for the FIDE Awards. The panel is formed as follows: Mohd al-Mudahka (QAT) – Chairman, Berik Balgabaev (KAZ), Vadim Tsypin (CAN), Jacob Aagaard (SCO), Eva Repkova (SVK).

Q1PB-2019/28 To appoint FIDE Vice-President Mahir Mammedov (AZE) a Chairman for the Commission that would award the Fair Play S. Gligoric Trophy and to ask Mr. Mammedov to recruit two more members of the commission, including at least one woman.

Q1PB-2019/29 To let the President to create a panel to nominate the FIDE Honorary Members and other Honorary titles.

Q1PB-2019/30 To consult a Fischer Random Chess expert panel including Eugene Torre (PHI), Nigel Short (ENG), Gunnar Bjornsson (ISL), Berik Balgabaev (KAZ) and Jeroen Van den Berg (NED) to propose in the next two weeks recommendations and guidelines for the 2019 Fischer Random World Chess Championship.

Q1PB-2019/31 To approve the inclusion in the FIDE Handbook "A quota of 25% of women shall be reserved for the following positions: arbiters in the official FIDE events, principals in the official FIDE events, appointed FIDE officials, FIDE commission members".

Q1PB-2019/32 To approve the African continental report and the creation of the zone 4.5 with further ratification by GA.

Q1PB-2019/33 To approve the idea to preserve the good image of our game endorsing the proposal regarding the dress-code. A panel including Anastasia Sorokina (BLR), Emil Sutovsky (ISR) and David Llada (ESP) will report with recommendations to the next PB.

Q1PB-2019/34 To send an inspection team to Ugra in May 2019 in order to assess how Khanty-Mansiysk prepares for the 2020 Olympiad. The team shall be led by the official 2020 liaison and shall include at least one more Management Board member.

Q1PB-2019/35 To approve the regulations on the honorary chairmen of the commissions and President's assistants.


WTCC 2019 All medals awarded

20190314 Astana closing-144 Aleksandr Riazantsev ian nepomniachtchi Andreikin Sergey Karjakin top

The last round of the World Team Chess Championships produced a scenario of rare intensity, as team and individual medals were decided in the last minutes.

Both gold medals had already attributed one day before the end to Russia in the open section and China in the women section, and both teams were involved in crucial matches for the podium. In an epic battle against India, the Russian seemed on the verge of losing, before Ian Nepomniachtchi eventually saved his position to a draw and Alexander Grischuk won his game. With this 2,5-1,5 loss, India unluckily had to cede the bronze medal to China, which overcame Kazakhstan by a thread. The silver medal went to England, which convincingly beat Sweden. All results, final rankings and individual medal awards can be found at . The bilingual press conference with the Russian team can be viewed at .

Both local teams performed slightly above expectations. The men’s team had a tough tournament but ended on a positive 8th place. Team leader Rinat Jumabayev was the real hero with a tremendous 5 out of 9 score. The women team reached their initial goal, a 5th place just behind the big-4. It is clear that this ambitious young team is promised to a bright future. Zhensaya Abdumalik speaks about the tournament at .

The whole event proceeded smoothly and was organized at a very high level. The Astana International Financial Centre, partner of the World Championship, offered a perfect venue. The general sponsor ERG and the general Samruk Kazyna greatly contributed to the success of the World Team Championship.
Please visit official website for complete results, board prizes, videos and more.

Team Rankings after the Final Round

World Team Chess Championships 2019 is over. FIDE publishes the final ranking of Teams after Round 9 which concluded in Astana, Kazakhstan on March, 14 2019.

OPEN tournament

Rnk. Team MP Pts.
1 Russia 16 23½
2 England 13 21
3 China 12 21
4 India 11 22
5 United States of America 11 20½
6 Iran 8 18
7 Azerbaijan 8 16½
8 Kazakhstan 4 14½
9 Sweden 4 10½
10 Egypt 3 12½

WOMEN Tournament

Rank Team MP Pts.
1 China 18 26½
2 Russia 14 26
3 Georgia 12 23
4 Ukraine 12 20½
5 Kazakhstan 10 18½
6 India 9 20
7 United States of America 7 15
8 Armenia 4 15
9 Hungary 4 11½
10 Egypt 0 4

r 20190314 Astana closing-144 Aleksandr Riazantsev ian nepomniachtchi Andreikin Sergey Karjakin

47327091322 eaaca52ebb z

32417011587 0789a52f33 z

47380062921 10fca6c7eb z

47380052551 59159ebaba z

46656997734 04b0d93a1b z


Round 8

Complete Standings and Results can be found at the Official website of the tournament

It had been predicted, the Chinese women secured the gold medal today by winning their match convincingly. The real surprise occurred later in this eighth round, when all results in the open section coincided to grant the gold medal to the Russian team. Thus, both winners stand one round before the end.

r8 2
Women Match CHN - USA

Match SWE - RUS

The decision in the match China-United States of America fell on boards 1 and 3, when serial winners Tan Zhongyi and Lei Tingjie used their white pieces to win their games. China needed a win to get the gold medal one round before the end, they confidently achieved it with a 3-1 victory. The fight for both other places on the podium is still open between Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. All results and ranking can be found at . The press conference with the Chinese captain Yu Shaoteng and some players took place right after their victory and can be viewed at .

The scenario of the open section was less predictable. True, the Russians left no chance to the Swedish team and confidently won 3,5-0,5. But it was clear they would not win gold on this day without external help. China trounced England 3-1 and is finally recovering from its bad start. The Chinese currently occupy the fourth place, one point behind their victim of the day and India, which was lucky to escape with a draw against the US team. The fight for both remaining medals will be fierce, as can be observed at .

In view of the late outcome of the matches in the open section, and in order to secure the highest possible audience, the organizers decided to stage the title press conference with the entire Russian team on Friday at 16:00 local time. It will be broadcast live on the official website. In case, one or more games still run, the press conference will be slightly postponed accordingly. Please pay attention to the fact that the final round will start earlier than usual, at noon in the Astana International Financial Centre. Live commentary in English and Russian can be followed at .

r8 4
Team Captain Yu Shaoteng (CHN) Ding Yixin (CHN)

Preview of Round 9

FIDE World Team Championship 2019
Open section
Round 9, 2019/03/14 at 12.00 (noon)

Russia – India
Azerbaijan – Egypt
Kazakhstan – China
England – Sweden
United States of America – Iran

FIDE World Team Championship 2019
Women section
Round 9, 2019/03/14 at 12.00 (noon)

Ukraine – China
Georgia – Russia
United States of America – Egypt
Kazakhstan – Armenia
Hungary – India


Round 7 The tension is growing in the Astana International Financial Centre

Before narrating the chess highlights of the round, it seems appropriate to stress that the organization of a prestigious event as the World Team Chess Championships is not self-evident. It would not take place without the financial support of general sponsor ERG, general partner Samruk Kazyna and partner the AIFC.

Both tournaments are slowly reaching a climax. The seventh round did not produce any real surprise, meaning that the leaders keep control of their dominating positions. Most matches were very close, especially in the open section. Russia had a hard time overcoming the United States of America, but eventually secured victory thanks to Vladislav Artemyev on board 4. Here are his post-game impressions in Russian - . England edged out Egypt and moved to sole second place, after India drew against Azerbaijan. The English captain Malcolm Pein nevertheless remains cautious as to their chances of medal - . Details on results and ranking can be found at .

The main match of the women section was clearly the fight for the podium between Russia and Ukraine. Decisive results were achieved on the first two boards. Mariya Muzychuk won a good game for Ukraine against Kateryna Lagno, which she relates in a press conference [ ]. Alexandra Kosteniuk levelled the score against Anna Muzychuk, while both other games were drawn, thus sealing the 2-2 score. Georgia left no chance to the host country and won 3,5-0,5. They catch up Ukraine on shared third place. China won easily against Egypt and has a chance to clinch the gold medal one round before the end, in case of a victory against the US team in round 8. All other results and current standing are available on the official website - .

The eighth round will start on Wednesday March 13th at 3 pm in the Astana International Financial Centre. Live commentary in English and Russian can be followed at .

r7 1
Match USA - RUS

r7 2
Maghsoodloo Parham (IRI)

r7 3
Women Match UKR - RUS

Preview of Round 8

FIDE World Team Championship 2019
Open section
Round 8, 2019/03/13 at 15.00

Iran – Azerbaijan
India – United States of America
Egypt – Kazakhstan
China – England
Sweden – Russia

FIDE World Team Championship 2019
Women section
Round 8, 2019/03/13 at 15.00

India – Ukraine
China – United States of America
Armenia – Georgia
Russia – Hungary
Egypt – Kazakhstan

Round 6  Russia stumbles but remains in the lead

A free day in chess is never easy to deal with. Players in good shape risk getting out of rhythm, whereas players in bad shape meditate endlessly on their misfortune. In other words, a surprise is likely to happen.

In the 6th round of the World Team Championships, this materialised into an unexpected draw by Russia against the off-form team from Azerbaijan. It could in fact have been worse for the leader of the open section. Ian Nepomniachtchi escaped from a very dangerous position against Rauf Mamedov, as he explains at
. The equalizer was scored by Arkady Naiditsch, who inflicted a painful second defeat in a row to Sergey Karjakin on board 1. You will certainly appreciate his sense of humour in the post-match interview .

Russia’s direct pursuers England and India convincingly beat Iran and Kazakhstan respectively, and are closing in on the ranking ( ). China’s misery goes on, as the pre-tournament favourite was held to a draw by Egypt, which incidentally scored its first point in the event. GM Ahmed
Adly won a very instructive game which he comments in a press conference .

Almost all matches in the women section ended in close victories for the favourites, so that China maintains its perfect score. “Miss 100%” aka Alexandra Goryachkina scored the decisive point for her team, and gives her impression in an short interview in Russian . All individual results and current ranking can be found at .

The seventh round will start on Tuesday March 12th at 3 pm in the Astana International Financial Centre. Live commentary in English and Russian can be followed at .

6 1

6 2
Serik Sapiyev, Olympic Champion 2012 in boxing, Chairman of the Sports Committee in Kazakhstan

6 4
Women match RUS - USA

6 5
Match IRI - ENG

6 6
Grischuk Alexander (RUS)


Preview of Round 7

FIDE World Team Championship 2019
Open section
Round 7, 2019/03/12 at 15.00

Azerbaijan – India
Kazakhstan – Iran
England – Egypt
China – Sweden
United States of America – Russia

FIDE World Team Championship 2019
Women section
Round 7, 2019/03/12 at 15.00
United States of America – India
Ukraine – Russia
Georgia – Kazakhstan
China – Egypt
Hungary – Armenia

WTCC Round 5 Chinese women take the lead

The fifth and last round before the free day produces a key result in the women section, as China wins the top match against Russia. A small sensation occurs in the open section, as the leader of the Kazakh team Rinat Jumabayev beats Sergey Karjakin. This does not prevent Russia to claim the match and top the standings.

Both Chinese teams seem to be in completely different shape in Astana. Whereas men struggle in the middle of the rankings, despite their close victory against Iran today, the female representatives are on fire. They made short work of their top encounter against Russia. Tan Zhongyi left no chance to Kateryna Lagno on board one, thanks to a clever pawn sacrifice which paved the way to a strong attack. China’s other white game went equally successfully, as Lei Tingjie outplayed and eventually mated Valentina Gunina. Russia did not quite show the same efficiency with the white pieces. Alexandra Kosteniuk struggled against Huang Qian and was forced to accept a generous draw offer by her opponent, thus sealing the fate of the match. After a long game, Alexandra Goryachkina managed to limit the damage by beating Ding Yixin. This victory lifts her personal score to an impressive 5 out of 5. As can be seen in the actual standings at , Ukraine was held to a draw by the young Kazakh team and occupies the third place.

r5 2

Rinat Jumabayev (KAZ)

Women match UKR-KAZ

Alexandra Goryachkina (RUS)


In the men’s section, Russia confidently defeated Kazakhstan 3-1. The only point for the local team was scored by Rinat Jumabayev against the former World Championship finalist Sergey Karjakin. As explained in the , the grandmaster from Shymkent steadily amounted pressure until his opponent, famously nicknamed the Russian Minister of Defence, uncharacteristically made the decisive mistake.

Three teams are involved in a battle for the second place. England and India played a tense match which ended 2-2, while the United States of America missed a good opportunity to overtake them. Facing the off-form Azeri team, indeed, they stumbled and lost 3-1. In the last match of the day, Sweden scored its second consecutive win against Egypt. All details about results and current standings can be found at .

r5 3
Women match CHN-RUS

All teams are looking forward to a well-deserved break on Sunday. Participants will be driven around to visit the capital of Kazakhstan. The tournament will resume on Monday March 11th at 3 pm in the Astana International Financial Centre. Live commentary of the 6th round in English and Russian can be followed at .

Team Russia

Preview of Round 6

FIDE World Team Championship 2019
Open section
Round 6, 2019/03/11 at 15.00

Russia – Azerbaijan
Iran – England
India – Kazakhstan
Egypt – China
Sweden – United States of America

FIDE World Team Championship 2019
Women section
Round 6, 2019/03/11 at 15.00

India – China
Russia – United States of America
Armenia – Ukraine
Kazakhstan – Hungary
Egypt – Georgia

Round 4 Eventful day at the World Team Championships

Plenty of things happened today at the Astana International Financial Centre, at and besides the chess board. Russia and China cruise through in the women section, while all leading teams drew in the open section.

But let’s start our report by the famous “Ladies first!” The organizers celebrated women’s day by exhibiting a large bunch of roses, from which every female participant could chose to take a piece. The youngest participant of the event, American Rochelle Wu, celebrated her 13th birthday today. She received a present which will remain as a nice souvenir of her trip to Kazakhstan.

r 20190308 Astana R4-56 Theodore Lyng US embassy Rochelle Wu

The start of the 4th round was marked by the visit of Deputy Chief of Mission Theodore Lyng and other representatives of the US embassy in Astana. A special account of this event has already been published at . As a coincidence, both encounters between the United States of America and Kazakhstan took place today. The Kazakh ladies rose to the occasion and scored their first match victory, whereas the men’s encounter ended in a draw. 2-2 was actually the score of both other top matches in the open section, Russia-England and India-China. Thus, nothing changed at the top of the standings. Bottom seed Sweden celebrated a first victory by dominating Azerbaijan 3-1, and Iran won on the same score against Egypt. You will find all individual results and the standings at .

r 20190308 Astana R4-107 USA KAZAKHSTAN Zhansaya Abdumalik Tatev Abrahamyan

As expected, Russia and China dominate the women section and have won all their matches. All eyes will be turned to their direct encounter tomorrow! The top match of the day between Georgia and Ukraine was hard-fought and eventually tied, which means that Ukraine still occupies the 3rd place. Finally, Hungary had trouble beating Egypt and eventually did so by the smallest margin. More details are available at .

r 20190308 Astana R4-317 CHINA INDIA Adhiban Ding Liren

r 20190308 Astana R4-306 ENGLAND RUSSIA Michael Adams

The fifth round will start on Saturday March 9th at 3 pm in the Astana International Financial Centre. Live commentary in English and Russian can be followed at  

Preview of Round 5

Open section
Round 5, 2019/03/09 at 15.00

Kazakhstan – Russia
Egypt – Sweden
England- India
China – Iran
Azerbaijan – United States of America

Women section
Round 5, 2019/03/09 at 15.00

China – Russia
India – Egypt
United States of America – Armenia
Ukraine – Kazakhstan
Hungary – Georgia 


Round 3: Russia wins top match against China  

r 20190307 Astana R3-169 Russia China Karjakin Ding Liren ещз

The third round of the World Team Championships in Astana features the most anticipated encounter in the whole open section. Both teams with a rating average over 2700 face each other in a duel which may already turn out to be decisive.

How would China react after yesterday’s defeat against the United States? Would they try and strike back immediately or rather play it safe? It is actually hard to guess the pre match strategy of each team, but Russia clearly seemed to pin their hope on their white boards. Indeed, Ian Nepomniachtchi is always dangerous in such crucial matches and young rising star Vladislav Artemiev has scored 2 wins so far. This proved very effective, as Nepomniachtchi managed to put Yu Yangyi under unpleasant pressure and eventually won within less than 3 hours. Artemiev also stood better at the start but then committed a mistake which put him in danger. But his class and composure allowed him to save the game despite being a knight down. For more details about his game, you may want to listen to his thorough after-game analysis on the .

r 20190307 Astana R3-187 Dariusz Swiercz Michael Adams USA ENGLAND

The Chinese did not manage to create serious problems on their own white boards, so that Sergey Karjakin and Alexander Grischuk comfortably held against Ding Liren and Wei Yi. With this second loss, it is clear that China will hardly be in contention for the gold medal anymore. As England and the United States of America tied 2-2, Russia is now the sole leader of the open section. India moves to joint second thanks to a large win against Egypt, whereas Kazakhstan is 6th after a good draw against Azerbaijan. All individual results and standings of the open section can be found at .

r 20190307 Astana R3-271 Yang Shen Dinara Saduakassova KAZAKHSTAN CHINA

There were no big clash in the women’s section and the favourites overcame this 3rd round with a victory. The young Kazakh team fought valiantly against China but eventually lost by a thread. Lei Tingjie explains her nice victory at . Russia and China are still in the lead with a perfect score, ahead of the Ukraine. All results and standings are available on the .

The fourth round will start on Wednesday March 8th at 3 pm in the Astana International Financial Centre. Live commentary in English and Russian can be followed at .

Preview of Round 4

FIDE World Team Championship 2019
Open section
Round 4, 2019/03/08 at 15.00

Sweden – Azerbaijan
United States of America - Kazakhstan
Russia – England
India – China
Iran – Egypt

FIDE World Team Championship 2019
Women section
Round 4, 2019/03/08 at 15.00

Egypt – Hungary
Georgia – Ukraine
Kazakhstan – United States of America
Armenia – China
Russia – India


Round 2: The United States of America beat China


The second round of the World Team Championships produces a major upset, as the American men’s team beats China. This result leads to a complete redistribution of roles before the big match China-Russia on Thursday.

A Team World Championship usually means that several teams have to travel around the globe to reach the host country. This event is no exception, some players may find it difficult to take their mark. The Egyptian teams for instance have to adjust to a radical climate difference, and so far both had basically no chance against stronger opponents. In the second round, the men’s team lost 3-1 against Russia, while the women suffered their second 4-0, this time against the Ukraine. It is true that India is not favoured either by the cold weather in Astana. However, as Adhiban Baskaran noted in his , most of his teammates came directly from the Aeroflot Open in Moscow and therefore got used to freezing temperatures beforehand. The Indian leader won a good game against the junior World Champion Parham Maghsoodloo, but his team had to settle for a draw with Iran.

r 20190306 Astana R2-124 Baskaran Adhiban INDIA 

Adhiban Baskaran

Speaking about adjustment, jet lag is clearly an issue for players from the United States of America. Yet, they do not seem to feel any effect and created a huge surprise in the second round by defeating China 2,5-1,5. Aleksandr Lenderman won his game on board 4 against Ni Hua, whereas the other encounters ended in a draw. The last game to finish was particularly tragic, as Wei Yi missed several chances to decide the game in his favour against Alexander Onischuk. The match winner gives his impressions at . The United States of America has scored two victories so far, as Russia and England, who overcame Azerbaijan 2,5-1,5. In the fifth match of the day, Kazakhstan pleased their fans thanks to a comfortable 3-1 against Sweden.


The star match of the day in the women’s section featured China against Georgia. Even though both teams do not compete in their optimal line-up in Astana, they represent hot contenders for the medal. Former women world champion Tan Zhongyi scored the decisive win on board one against Bela Khotenashvili, when all other games had previously been drawn. They thus lead together with Russia, who scored a large 3,5-0,5 victory against Armenia. The young US team beat Hungary 3-1, while India got slightly lucky to escape with a draw against Kazakhstan, as Zhansaya Abdumalik .

All videos and livestreams can be viewed on the . The program of the third round promises two breathtaking matches in the open section, Russia-China and England-USA. In the encounter between both rating favourites of the event, the Chinese team might already consider this encounter as a last chance to fight for the gold medal.  Games start on Thursady March 7th at 3 pm. Live commentary can be followed in English and Russian on the .

Preview of Round 3

FIDE World Team Championship 2019
Open section
Round 3 on 2019/03/07 at 15.00

Iran – Sweden
Egypt – India
China – Russia
England – United States of America
Kazakhstan – Azerbaijan

FIDE World Team Championship 2019
Women section
Round 3 on 2019/03/07 at 15.00

Russia – Egypt
India – Armenia
China – Kazakhstan
United States of America – Georgia
Ukraine – Hungary

Round 1: World Team Championships started in Astana

The most prestigious team event in 2019 has been launched today in Astana. FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich played the symbolic starting move in the match between Russia and the host nation Kazakhstan. All main favourites prevailed in both sections, and only minor upsets occurred in the first round.

r 20190304 Astana R1-163 Dvorkovich Lagno Abdumalik
Arkady Dvorkovich, Kateryna Lagno, Zhansaya Abdumalik

The Astana International Financial Centre World Team has opened its doors to the World Team Championships 2019. This impressive modern complex has been inaugurated in July 2018 and is perfectly suited to host an event of such dimension. FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich symbolically executed the first move on behalf on his fellow countrywoman Kateryna Lagno in her game against Zhansaya Abdumalik. This match had been announced as the highlight of the first round in the women section, and it definitely kept its promises.

r 20190304 Astana R1-549 Guliskhan Nakhbayeva KAZAKHSTAN
Guliskhan Nakhbayeva

The young and ambitious Kazakh team maintained the tension until the fourth hour of play. The key game was certainly the one launched by the FIDE President. 19-year old Abdumalik had the women blitz world champion from Russia on the ropes, but let her advantageous position go out of control and eventually lost. 3-1 is a harsh score, but this defeat will certainly serve as a valuable experience.

r 20190304 Astana R1-847 Kateryna Lagno RUSSIA
Kateryna Lagno

The other favourite, China, comfortably won 3,5-0,5 against Hungary, whereas India and Georgia tied their match. The only real shock of the day was the 2-2 garnered by the United States of America against the experienced Ukrainian team. And it could even have been better, had the young Rochelle Wu converted her winning position at the very end of the game.

The preview of the open section announced a duel for the first place between China and Russia. Both teams fulfilled their duty by winning their respective matches. In the absence of their two leaders Mamedyarov and Radjabov, Azerbaijan never really stood a chance and lost 3,5-0,5 to China.

r 20190304 Astana R1-317 Vladislav Artemiev RUSSIA
Vladislav Artemiev

The Russian had the tricky task to start against the talented Iranian team, but they scored a solid 2,5-1,5 victory. Vladislav Artemiev celebrated his first selection in his national team on his 21st birthday with a smooth win!

r 20190304 Astana R1-142 Parham Maghsoodloo IRAN
Parham Maghsoodloo

England won a close match against Kazakhstan despite the unexpected defeat of their leader Michael Adams against Rinat Jumabayev. In the other two matches of the day, the United States of America beat Egypt 3-1, and India defeated Sweden 3,5-0,5.

signed 20190304 Astana R1-729 Rinat Jumabayev Michael Adams KAZAKHSTAN
Rinat Jumabayev, Michael Adams

Preview of Round 2

Open section
Sweden  -  Kazakhstan
Azerbaijan  -  England
United States of America  -  China
Russia  -  Egypt
India  -  Iran 
Women section
Egypt  -  Ukraine
Hungary  -  United States of America
Georgia  -  China
Kazakhstan  -  India
Armenia  -  Russia

The second round will start on Wednesday March 6
th at 3 pm. Live commentary can be followed in English and Russian on the official website -

Inauguration of the World Team Championships and drawing of lots

The opening ceremony took place on March 4th in the evening at the Hilton Astana hotel. FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich and the President of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation officially launched the World Team Championships and praised the whole organizing team for successfully staging this event at such short notice. 


The program of the opening ceremony was livened up by a colourful performance of the Khazar musical group and by the gifted young singer Danelia Tuleshova. It culminated in the drawing of lots, which set the program of rounds for the whole tournament.

No big clash will occur in either section of the starting round. In the women’s tournament, most of the attention will be drawn to the match Russia vs Kazakhstan. The title-holder will have to beware of the young local team! The other matches will feature India-Georgia, Armenia-Egypt, China-Hungary and United States-Ukraine.

Same kind of dangerous start for the Russian men’s team against the talented squad of Iranian youngsters, led by the junior world champion. In the remaining matches, China and India should be favourite against Azerbaijan and Sweden respectively, while Egypt-United States and England-Kazakhstan seem more balanced.

The first round will start at 3 pm on March 5. FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich will make the first move, after which he will join a press conference.


The general sponsor of the World Championship is the Eurasian Resources Group group

World Cup General Partner – Samruk Kazyna

Championship Partner – Astana International Financial Center

Pre-tournament press conference in Astana International Financial Centre

The organizers of the World Team Chess Championships 2019 held a press conference on the eve of the tournament. Several personalities like Head of Kazakhstan sports Serik Sapiyev or former vice-World champion GM Sergej Karjakin answered the questions of around 50 journalists.

20190304 Astana-5 group press conference

The World Team Championships for men and women are taking place from March 4 – 15 in Astana. The Kazakhstan capital is used to staging events of such magnitude, but Tournament Director and Vice-President of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation Zhandos Abishev admits that “organizing everything in only 5 weeks was a real challenge, but all is ready just in time. We would never have been able to make it without the support from our partners, namely our general sponsor ERG, our general partner Samruk-Kazyna, our social partner Samruk-Kazyna Trust and our partner AIFC”. Serik Sapiyev adds that “the popularity of chess has been continuously increasing in the past years. Prestigious events like this World Championship contribute to the further promotion of chess in Kazakhstan”.
Ten teams will face each other in both sections. The leader of the Kazakh women’s team Zhansaya Abdumalik believes that “Kazakhstan can achieve something very special here. Russia, China and the Ukraine are certainly favourite, but the gap with other teams is quite small, so that anything can happen”. Sergej Karjakin has fond memories of Astana. “It is a lucky place for me, as I became the World Champion in rapid chess here in 2012 and took bronze in the blitz. We have a very compact team and I hope that we will all be in good shape”.

The opening ceremony with the drawing of lots is taking place on March 4 at 7 pm at the Hilton Astana Hotel. On March 5 at 3 pm, FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich will launch the tournament and the pieces will start moving on the battlefields.

20190304 Astana-93 Abdumalik Sergey Karjakin RUSSIA KAZAKHSTAN Serik Sapiyev

20190304 Astana-120 Zhansaya Abdumalik Sergey Karjakin RUSSIA KAZAKHSTAN

Tie-break criteria in Swiss-system events of the World Championship Cycle

official logo

Following the recommendation of GSC, the tie-break criteria for Swiss-system events of the World Championship Cycle were approved by FIDE Presidential Board in Astana:

° Average Rating of Opponents Cut 1 (AROC 1)*
° Buchholz Cut 1**;
° Buchholz;
° Direct encounter between the players in tie;
° Drawing of lots.

* Average Rating of Opponents, excluding the lowest-rated opponent.
** Buchholz score reduced by the lowest score of the opponents.

3rd FIDE World Cadets Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships 2019

3rd FIDE World Cadets Rapid Blitz Chess Championships 2019 logo

The 3rd FIDE World Cadets Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships 2019 will be held in Minsk, Belarus, from 15 August (arrival) to 19 August (departure) 2019. 



The venue is the 

Minsk Sports Palace